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Summer 2011 - Volume 5, Issue 2

Feature Article: Osteoporosis Simplified

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In this issue:

1) Feature Article: Osteoporosis Simplified
2) What are the symptoms?
3) Can massage therapy Help?
4) About Cascade Massage Therapy

1) Feature Article: Osteoporosis Simplified

A simplified definition: "Osteoporosis is a progressive disease in which the bones become gradually weaker and thinner, causing changes in posture and posing an increased risk of fractures."

There are several factors which predispose someone to developing Osteoporosis: women over the age of 50 are most at risk, especially those who have a family history of the disorder, have had their ovaries removed or began menopause early.  Some medications and co-existing illnesses also put people at risk, as do certain lifestyle choices such as poor nutrition – specifically a lack of calcium and vitamin D, inadequate amounts of exercise, overuse of caffeine, tobacco or alcohol.

2) What are the symptoms?

Typically symptoms do not appear in the early stages of Osteoporosis. It is common for someone to learn of their diagnosis after they fracture a bone and receive medical attention for the injury, because a fracture that occurs after a relatively minor injury would prompt the medical team to assess the person's bone density. Once diagnosed, people may recall having mild and occasional back pain in their past. As the condition progresses, height loss of an inch or more is often noticed, as is a slouching posture or 'hump' in the upper back.

What can I do to stop it from developing?

Building strong bones in our childhood and early adulthood is truly the best defense against Osteoporosis. Add to that a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and sound nutrition that meets your needs at various stages of life, and you are doing the best you can. Some risk factors are tough to beat: genetics and accidents or injuries play a big part in our health issues as we age. Though our health history does predispose us to develop various ailments, we do have the power to do the best we can with what we know at the time. It's never to late to improve the way we care for ourselves!!

I'm scared that I might be at risk...what should I do?

If you are concerned or curious to know if your bones are in good health, consult your Medical Doctor. If it is deemed necessary, your MD will send you for a bone density test. Supplementation and recent improvements in medication are helping many people to slow or halt the progressionofbone density loss. Again - it can never be repeated too much - regular exercise and sound nutrition are thecornerstone to wellness, so begin today to improve this part of your lifeand the benefits will astound you!!

Normal bone tissue is dynamic tissue - constantly rebuilding and regenerating, even into adulthood. We can nurture healthy bone growth throughout our lives with active, healthy living!


3) Can massage therapy Help?

How does Massage Therapy help someone with Osteoporosis?


When a person's bones and joints are compromised, it becomes difficult to engage in exercise, or even daily walking. These limitations can leave a person feeling somewhat depressed or inadequate as they are unable to complete their daily chores and obligations like they used to. Quite unknowingly, a person's posture often become very altered from the ideal when Osteoporosis is present. We don't often see in the mirror that which is gradually occurring over several years! 

Your RMT is an excellent support for you as you work toward achieving and maintaining comfort in your body.

A massage therapy session that is aimed at relieving the symptoms of Osteoporosis will focus first on relaxation because the body must be relaxed if it is to begin to unwind it's tensions and pains. When the nervous system is balance, we are less prone to react as severely to stress triggers and we are better able recover when we do.

Your RMT will assess the health of your joints and overall body tissues. Gentle, passive movements are performed to your joints and this helps to re-educate your body and mind as to what a normal range of motion feels like! Your RMT will choose from their toolbelt of massage techniques as they work to encourage tissue health and vitality for you on all levels : mind, body and emotional well-being are all important. You will also be provided with home-care exercises and tips that will help you to feel greater comfort in your daily life.

A Registered Massage Therapist is trained to assess your needs and then guide you to wellness by educating you about good posture
and movement habits, and by providing therapeutic bodywork that will help to bring you comfort and relaxation.

If Osteoporosis is something you are faced with, rest assured: you CAN feel good and you CAN continue to enjoy your hobbies in life!! Bodywork is one of the tools to helping you improve and maintain comfort in life - so feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and see how I may be able to help you!!

4) About Cascade Massage Therapy

My Approach

I bring over 18 years of bodywork experience and education to the massage table!

I offer you diverse and comprehensive massage therapy sessions. Your treatment goals are foremost and your needs will be heard and addressed. I utilize both traditional and alternative treatment techniques, and recommend self care tips and exercise options that evolve with your individual healing process.

This is your time - I encourage you to enjoy the stillness of your session, and sense the changes occurring in your body while we work - you don’t need to be entertaining or start a conversation; that being said, please recognize that I do not read minds. I expect my clients to participate in his or her experience and give feedback as needed during the treatment.

Cascade Massage Therapy is focused on education and prevention.

It is important that you know what you can do to help prevent stress, tension, and pain when you are not with me. I allow for time at the end of our session to converse, suggest self care tips and exercises that would be beneficial for you, and answer any questions that you may have.

I believe that prolonged stress, whether environmental, physical or emotional is a primary factor in dis-ease and a true obstacle to healing.

Therefore, I welcome you to a peace-filled and relaxing environment where you can experience relief from pain and tension.

Sonja Rawlings, RMT
1601 – 30th Avenue
Vernon, BC V1T 2A3



If you have specific health concerns consult your medical doctor.

The information in this newsletter is educational only and is not intended to replace the advice of your personal health care providers.

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